Friday, 6 December 2013

Changing the Face of Men’s Health: “McCague Mos”

November is a unique month at MB. With summer well behind us, everyone is in full swing getting ready for year’s end, what with closing files and planning Christmas parties. But the most important part of the month is the new facial feature evident throughout the city. From court rooms to boardrooms, the newly grown lip toupees’ belonging to gentlemen across Toronto and the world marks the welcoming of Movember. At MB, McCague Mo’s, our Movember team, was back in action and ready to take on the mustachioed world.

With 8 dedicated members of the firm, including yours truly, donating their upper lips to support the fight against prostate cancer, and the entire firm making donations to support this valiant effort, McCague Mo’s managed to raise over $1,700 during Movember.

The sense of team camaraderie that I experienced with my fellow Mo Brothers and Sisters, as we all united for one noble, although fuzzy, cause, truly formed a bond that will extend until long after our mo’s have been rinsed down the drain. Our weekly photos quickly turned into sessions of storytelling about tasks that would normally seem routine, but have taken on a whole new life due to our Mos; previously mundane conversations now end with “is it itchy yet?” and a previously quick walk to a lawyers’ office is now surely interrupted by the snickering of others.

...being able to relax and partake in non law related extracurricular activities is essential.

Spending the amount of time that lawyers and students do at the office, being able to relax and partake in non law related extracurricular activities is essential. In the combined 8 months I have been at MB, I have participated in Movember, played with the firm’s softball team, competed in a charity volleyball tournament and attended the firm’s annual US Thanksgiving football party. These activities not only allow a break from day to day life at the office, but also allow me to get to know my coworkers outside of their professional jobs. This, in turn, leads to the forming of friendships, something that directly contributes to happiness while at work.

Although Movember is now over, its memory, and the contribution we all made to this worthwhile cause, will not be forgotten. Further, the experiences enjoyed with my peers truly contribute to a work environment that fosters friendships and collegiality alike.

Everyone ready for Decembeard?
Dave O.