Tuesday 22 December 2015

Students' Holiday Traditions

While articling at McCague Borlack is certainly busy, all of the articling students look forward to taking some time to celebrate the holiday season. With the holidays on the horizon, I decided to ask my fellow articling students about their favourite holiday traditions.

courtesy of freedigitalphotos gualberto107
Christmas is my favourite holiday. My family and I try our best to celebrate Christmas together every year. My family usually hosts a Christmas Eve dinner for close friends and relatives. On Christmas Day, my sister makes the family delicious omelettes for breakfast. Afterwards, my family drinks peppermint hot chocolate while opening their gifts.

Every boxing day, my family and friends have a father-son hockey game and go out for a post-game lunch.

Every year around this time, my friends and I go on a “first run of the season” snowboarding trip as soon as the first fresh snow comes in.

Every year, I spend the holidays with my family in a different city.

At Christmastime, my family and I make pork sausages together from scratch.

Every year my extended family gathers, on both my maternal side and paternal side, for a Channuka party. We light the menorah together while reciting the appropriate blessings. We then sing traditional songs and eat traditional foods. It is customary on Channuka to partake in food that has been fried in oil, as oil was a central part of the story of Channuka. Therefore, my aunts and cousins bring their homemade latkes and various other delicacies. We then exchange gifts amongst each other, with the typical gift being a small amount of money known as “Channuka gelt.” Between the food and the gifts, it is no wonder that it is one of my favourite times of the year!

courtesy of freedigitalphotos digitalartCarol-Anne (the blog author)
Every Christmas Eve, my family has a Christmas movie marathon and my mom and I bake Christmas cookies. On Christmas morning, we open our stockings, have scones and mimosas for breakfast, and then open up the rest of our gifts.  

Happy holidays from the MB articling students!