Tuesday 25 April 2017

Ottawa Articling Students - Personalized :)

The Ottawa Articling Students have had the opportunity to work very closely together (literally-our desks are across from each other!). We have had some great times and some challenging times, but we are always willing to bounce ideas off one another and help each other out.

Before we go, we would like to better introduce ourselves and give a little glimpse into our backgrounds and what we like to do for fun in Ottawa.


Growing up…

David is an Ottawa Native. He is born and raised in Orleans, Ontario, a suburb in the East of the City. David grew up in a primarily French household and went to a French high school. However, he is also completely bilingual. Prior to law school, David worked at the Canada Revenue Agency.

In his spare time…

David loves to keep active. As a former competitive hockey player, he enjoys watching his favourite hockey team, the Calgary Flames, and continues to play recreational hockey on a weekly basis. Besides hockey, his favourite sports to watch on television are Football and Baseball, although he has never played either. Go, Saints! Go Jays!
David's Dog, Daisy

In the summer, you can find David on the tennis court and on the golf course or spending time with his family, friends or his adorable dog Daisy. David particularly enjoys going to concerts, and music festivals. He truly appreciates live music. Most recently, he saw the Lumineers in concert and was thoroughly impressed!

David decided to go to law school because…

David has always enjoyed problem-solving. However, throughout his young life, David gravitated towards the idea of becoming a dentist, an English teacher, an accountant or a paramedic. It was not until the end of the first year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa, that it occurred to him that he should become a lawyer. David thanks his older cousin for inspiring him to pursue a law degree. After hearing about the interesting experiences his cousin was afforded during his time at law school, David decided to apply and was accepted to the University of Ottawa, and the rest is history!


Growing up…

I am originally from Montreal, but I grew up in Ottawa, where I completed high school, my undergraduate degree, my master’s degree and my Juris Doctor degree. Like David, I am from the suburb of Orleans. In fact, growing up, David and I lived down the street from each other, but had unfortunately never crossed paths until we met at the office!

In my spare time,

Cassandra’s dog, Missy
I enjoy skating on the Rideau Canal and hitting the ski hills in the winter. In the summers, I enjoy working on my golf game and have been taking lessons in the hopes of sharpening my skills. I also enjoy spending time with my dog, Missy, and taking her on walks through the Gatineau Hills.

I decided to go to law school because…

Like David, I enjoy solving problems and I have always had a curiosity about the law, generally. I planned my career trajectory early, as I decided to become a lawyer in the twelfth grade. Therefore, most of my university choices were geared towards reaching this goal. Now I am about two months away from accomplishing what I set out to do in grade twelve and I couldn’t be more excited to start my career as a lawyer!