Wednesday 30 December 2020

Things I Didn’t Expect to Like about Articling

images credited to pexels mentatdgt & talal hakim (edits added by Nancy Plante)

There is no doubt that articling is a challenging experience. As the common downsides are well-known, I will shine a light on some of the (perhaps unconventional) experiences I have enjoyed so far.

Gaining knowledge on random topics

I enjoy learning about random things I would not have taken the initiative to learn on my own. For example, I love surprising my friends and family with explanations on why water towers don’t freeze in the winter or how various pieces of construction equipment work. 

"It is fun to learn about the workings of everyday things
we normally don’t think about."

Meeting new people

It has been great getting to know everyone at the firm. On top of that, while working on different matters, I have had the opportunity to get to know people I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. I appreciate every time someone gives me a glimpse into their life. Learning about lifestyles that are different from my own, and the challenges that other people face helps me to broaden my perspective.

Learning about health and medicine

Since starting my articles, I have also learned about a) which bones make up which part of the body, b) what certain medications are and what they are used for, c) what some medical procedures and conditions are, and more. Although this information isn’t “legal” in nature, it has been interesting to learn about health and the human body in general. Also, learning about various health conditions makes me appreciate my own good health!

Learning, asking questions and making mistakes

One of the best things about articling is that no one expects you to know precisely what you are doing right away. It is okay to sometimes make a mistake knowing that there will be someone there to catch it. This ensures it is a true learning experience. Also, I appreciate being encouraged to ask questions and not feel judged for it!

Sydney M.