Sunday 7 April 2013

Work/Life Balance...

Eight weeks later, many posts later and somehow we’re back to me again?! I guess it’s indicative of how quickly time goes by during articling. A lot has happened at MB in the last little while, so here’s the update:

Since the acquisition of the newly available office space on the 27th floor, the firm has been laboriously working on renovations. The transformation is almost complete and we all eagerly await the final product. The design style is ultra-modern and represents a paradigm shift in the way a law firm functions. Fostering greater collaboration amongst lawyers and more effective utilization of support staff; is both a practical and yet creative innovation.

Speaking of collaboration, as Amanda mentioned in a previous post, the firm takes March Madness very seriously. Over the past couple of weeks, members of the firm have intensely competed in the firm-wide NCAA Basketball pool for ultimate bragging rights. Although many basketball aficionados in the firm have already fallen it comes as no surprise that the articling students currently sit second overall with victory guaranteed if Louisville wins the championship. What can I say, the articling experience has sharpened our senses, perceptions and predictive abilities; the other competitors really had no chance.

As for me, work has been steady and manageable as of late. “Manageable” means that I can get in a good hard day’s work but still have the time to watch my dearest Maple Leafs make a run at the Stanley Cup. I’ve also recently had the pleasure of assisting a partner on a complex motor vehicle claim, and through this experience, I’ve been able to get an insider’s perspective on how a seasoned lawyer approaches a file. To be more specific, I have been assisting with the drafting of a defence medical brief that will be essential to our expert’s assessment of the plaintiff. Perhaps most encouraging is the fact that I am now actively invested in the development of this file and have the privilege of seeing it through to its entirety. After all, the practice of law requires exactly that, “practice”. Thus, every opportunity to observe and assist a skilled practitioner on an up-close and personal basis is invaluable in making me a better lawyer than I was the day before.

Until next time…GO LOUISVILLE!!