Friday, 15 March 2013

March Madness...

As per MB tradition, the athletically-inclined articling students (a group from which I exclude myself) recently started the annual March Madness pool. While I now know that March Madness is a basketball competition, I couldn't help but think we've been experiencing some “March madness” ourselves. The first couple weeks of March were so busy for the students - it seemed at least one of us was out of the office every day at various court appearances, examinations and client meetings.

We welcome the hustle bustle because it makes the days fly by and keeps things interesting. That said, it is nice to get a little reprieve once in a while. Since this week is March Break, a lot of lawyers are out of the office on family vacations. The atmosphere seems a little calmer, a little quieter. There was actually a day where all seven of us were in the office at the same time and we got a chance to go for lunch together to celebrate embarking on our eighth (!) month of articling. Also, this week marks the first of a series of Pilates classes in the office. Once a week, an instructor from the Adelaide Club comes into the Learning Centre and leads a Pilates class over the lunch hour. It was a lovely way to unwind and de-stress (made even sweeter because it was free).

Articling at McCague Borlack is anything but boring - you never quite know what to expect from week to week. But I’ve learned there are some things I can count on: a laugh or two with my fellow students, friendly faces in the hall and a firm that genuinely cares about us. There will be crazy times and there will be relaxed times - and we “march” on.

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