Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Summer for the Books: Practical Legal Skills Acquired

It’s hard to imagine, but our stint as summer students is almost up. Looking back, in terms of our legal education, this has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences we have had thus far. Each of us has had the opportunity to attend mediations, examinations for discoveries, and court for various legal matters. We also further refined our skills by conducting research on everything from issues affecting cross-border transportation to properly serving legal documents internationally.

Summer Student feedback on legal skills acquired at MB...

To paint a more complete picture, I have asked the group to provide feedback on practical legal skills acquired at MB.

Karen: Form and draft legal opinions on liability, damages, and recommended settlement figures, for client consideration.

Cassandra: Various aspects of examination of discovery, including the art of forming direct and substantive questions.

Marla: Enforcing a writ of seizure intra-provincially.

Victoria: Best practices for mediation, including the art of preparing persuasive briefs that make it likely that the matter will settle favourably.

Shayan: Various facets of trial preparation, including preparing documents that highlight and apportion liability.

Tiffany: Draft motion records to amend a Statement of Claim, for production from a non-party with leave, to dismiss an action and to set aside a noting in default.

Mahdi: Various aspects of preparation for regulatory hearings, including researching the extent of liability of professional actors.

We have no doubt that the legal skills that we have acquired this past summer will serve us well when we return to the firm as articling students.

Mahdi H.