Friday, 10 May 2013

The Trucks are Out!

One thing they don’t tell you about having an office job is that it becomes increasingly difficult to sit inside as the weather improves. We've had a little preview of summer sunshine this past week and more than a couple times I have found myself lingering outside a moment longer on my way into work. Toronto truly becomes a different city in the spring: suddenly there are flowers blooming, happy people milling about and ice cream trucks on Bay Street. I will admit that the beautiful weather got the best of us last Friday and the students took a short afternoon break to unwind and visit said ice cream truck.

The recent change in seasons got me thinking about my summer plans. One of the (many) perks of articling is that we are allowed a break between finishing our articles in June and starting our “big boy/girl” careers as associates in September. I plan to jam-pack my summer with travel, friends, family and lots of fun. I want to make the most of this break since it’s hard to tell when I will get the same opportunity again… the next “long break” could very well involve bridge games, daily naps and early-bird specials.

"I love that I will constantly learn new skills, meet new people and solve new problems."

While I’m really pumped about my summer plans and having some time to myself, I’m equally excited about the career I will officially embark on in the fall. I love that each new day will bring new challenges. I love that I will constantly learn new skills, meet new people and solve new problems. And I love that when things get overwhelming, I will always have friends who will accompany me on an afternoon excursion to the ice cream truck.