Friday 15 February 2013

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

With the blog now in full swing, after having been so eloquently introduced by my fellow student in its inaugural post, I find myself in the enviable position of being able to explore any, and all, aspects of being an articling student at McCague Borlack.  Faced with such a litany of choices – e.g., client interaction (we get lots), firm social events (we had a firm-wide cake party today to celebrate our record breaking year, and our annual “Ski Day” is only 7 days away), diversity of interesting work (where else do you get to run your own small claims files and assist on multi-million dollar precedent setting cases?) – I thought I would keep it pseudo-seasonal, yes Valentine’s Day is a season, and discuss one of the elements of MB that makes this place truly special, my fellow articling students.

The students are, perhaps not surprisingly, nearest and dearest to my heart, both literally and figuratively, as we all sit together in a large office affectionately referred to as “the bunker”.  The 2012-2013 articling group is composed of 8 students, 7 in Toronto and 1 in Ottawa. After having summered here and presently mid-way through articling, I can say without hesitation that my fellow students are some of the most fun, helpful, and it behooves me to say, exceptionally talented (so much so that it would be disconcerting if not for our amazing hire-back rate) individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  They have been an invaluable source for both information and support throughout the articling process and have added immeasurably to this experience.  Coming from the rigors of law school, it’s refreshing to be in such a collaborative, rather than competitive, environment.  Ultimately, to put it more succinctly than any list of adjectives or lavishes of praise, I would say that they’re just a cool group of people.  I look forward to calling them my colleagues and friends in the future. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

by JB