Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Approaching The List like Goldilocks

For the summer months, law firms often delegate student work through a rotation list. Each student has a spot on the list that determines who will accept the different assignments in the cycle. Some might be large, others small, but one thing is for certain – sticking to the list ensures that everyone gets a taste of the different work available and that there is coverage for all assignments.

Approaching the lawyers directly allows me to show interest and initiative...

I can remember feeling apprehensive when I first started at McCague Borlack. I was assigned a spot in the middle of the list, meaning that on some days the cycle did not always reach me. I wondered if I would get a chance to work on assignments that were interesting and exciting to me, and what I should do while I was waiting for my name to come up.

Luckily, my mentor and student director encouraged all of the students to actively seek out work from the lawyers. Part of getting the most out of your summer student experience is always looking for the next opportunity to dive into legal work. Approaching the lawyers directly allows me to show interest and initiative, as well as obtain work from those who might not use the rotation list.

Overall, this double-pronged approach ensures that I am comfortable and happy with my spot in the rotation. I never get so bogged down with work that I feel overwhelmed, but I also get steady and interesting work. Kind of like Goldilocks, I have found the spot that is just right for me.

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