Friday, 8 March 2013

No Shortage of Excitement...

Here we are... week 5 of the blog already! This blog is meant to be a window into the articling experience here at MB and, as my fellow students have set out in previous posts, there is no shortage of exciting things to talk about.

For example,
yesterday I attended a settlement conference for one of my Small Claims Court matters involving a product liability claim. While preparing for the conference, I found myself reflecting on the first time I attended a settlement conference as a summer student at MB and how nervous I was. I have had the opportunity to attend several conferences since then, which has helped me to gain invaluable hands-on experience and, as mentioned before, the more practice you get, the better!

Speaking of hands-on experiences, another way you get to develop your advocacy skills here is by preparing for and attending motions. I got to attend my first motion during my very first week of articling and have gone on numerous ones since!

While we get to attend settlement conferences, motions, even conduct some of our own trials, the MB experience also includes assisting with and participating in important client events, such as our Ski Resort Liability Seminar which took place yesterday—one of many seminars I have had the opportunity of attending during my time at MB so far! Events like this provide a great learning experience as well as the chance for one-on-one client interaction.

Until the next post! 

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